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Pregnancy Loss Association Tähti ry, founded in 2022, provides information and support for people who have experienced pregnancy loss in Finland.
By "pregnancy loss", we mean any and all losses of pregnancy, such as miscarriages, terminations for medical reasons (TFMR), and stillbirths.
Our association is for everyone who has experienced a pregnancy loss or lost their newborn baby. This includes both parents. 
In addition to loss parents themselves, our association is also for people whose loved ones have experienced pregnancy loss, as well as for professionals working with the topic, and for anyone interested or keen to support our association.


Our goal is to eradicate stigma around pregnancy loss so that those who go through it get the support, care and understanding they need. Nobody should be left alone when coping with loss. We also aim to spread knowledge and awareness of all situations when a pregnancy doesn’t end in the desired way. We offer peer support, community, insights and information for those coping with loss.

We currently provide information and support on our website and social media channels in Finnish. We also have a list of resources such as books, podcasts and social media channels related to pregnancy loss – some of them in English. Find this on our website in the Tukea (Support) section under the title Lisää tietoa ja tukea (Information and Support)
For any enquiries, please contact us by email at


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